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Web Application Development

Looking at your requirements and nature of business our creative team designs thematic designs which give you a unique position in your market. Our designers put their experience and know-how from working with major international companies into every project we do with small to medium businesses and startups.

Web Application Maintenance

Our website maintenance and website support services can provide you with ongoing, reliable and affordable website solutions, delivered in a timely and professional manner. Whether a small, home-based business or a larger, corporate or government organisation, we can respond to your requirements and provide you with the support you need.

Website maintenance can be used for simple website updates such as changing text or images on a web page, right up to more comprehensive website maintenance such as new pages or new functionality for your website. Our competitive website maintenance pricing includes generous discounts for large monthly work volumes.

web maintenance dubai
Web hosting dubai

Cloud Hosting

Our cloud hosting service is designed specifically for clients who have outgrown the shared hosting environment. This includes those who need server control and customization that is not possible in a shared hosting environment, and those who are looking for affordable reseller hosting solutions.

Our cloud hosting service is fully managed, offering you a hassle-free hosting environment with convenient reseller capabilities. Not only is our cloud hosting powerful, secure, and reliable, it is also extremely flexible in providing you with complete control over a virtually unlimited supply of dedicated resources.

Cloud Hosting got affordable

Being in the industry for quite a long time, we feel confident that we can setup an ideal cloud infrastructure for your solution. Whether it is a simple HTML based website, a mobile app, an enterprise level portal, a media server or an ecommerce server, you name it. In collaboration with Microsoft Azure and having a good hands on experience with Amazon Web Services Cloud, we are here for you.

From understanding your hosting service needs and implementation to final execution of your project we’ll be with you.

Cloud Consultation

From experience of working with startups to established multinational organizations we have found that after fully understanding the power of cloud computing our clients do prefer cloud hosting over a shared hosting environment.

Cloud consultation dubai

Ecommerce Websites

Building on our expertise in open source content management systems, we are able to efficiently built robust ecommerce websites using search optimized and feature rich platforms. Our ecommerce website designs focus on optimizing search keywords, conversion rates, return on investment. for small and medium sized businesses.

Video Scribe

By 2015, 90% of all online-traffic will be driven by videos. The average viewer watches 20 hours of videos each month. YouTube is the 3rd most viewed website in the world. With our video scribe service you can capture the attention of your customers and communicate your message in a more effective way through whiteboard animations. The animations can give your customers the whole story, everything they need to make the right decision. The hand-drawn style also reinforces your message.

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seo dubai

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

One of our objectives is to promote the businesses of GCC online, therefore, we provide SEO assistance to individuals and organizations to improve their online visibility. Today’s buyer prefers inquiring for solutions via internet and if your business is not visible on the internet you have fair chances of losing potential clients. The more people know you the more chances you have of getting business, eventually increasing your market share and revenue.

Mobile Apps

We have a capable team of developers which are well-versed in technical knowledge and experienced in developing innovative mobile applications. Our mobile applications are designed to work across all major mobile platforms and devices including iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry.

Multi-device App Development with ESG

Pay once and get your app for three major platforms i.e. iOS, Android and Windows Phone. With ESG multi device app development service get your apps ready faster than before. Take yourself out of the complexity and let us handle the technical details for you. Our approach is very simple and straight forward, we create a demo app for you, once you confirm and approve we make the same app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone – it’s that simple.

Whatever you think your app should do let us know, do you want your app to use the device camera, geo location, contacts, or any other feature like fetching data from an external web service, sending messages to your app subscribers individually or as a group, creating workflows or any other function which you want your app to perform. Discuss with us and we’ll make it happen for you.

Note: We are also available on oDesk and Elance for secure payment execution via escrow of your project, click here to learn more.

Mobile Apps Development dubai
Marine software dubai

Work Tracker (Shipping Industry)

Work Tracker is a software for ship maintenance & repair companies – also known as ship chandlers. Users can manage work orders, inspection reports, delivery notes, certificates and invoices with this software.

Point of Sale System

IMPRO-Lite is a fully functional and Free-To-Use version of IMPRO. IMPRO-Lite is ideal for businesses which have a single store operation and deal with up to 100 products SKUs. Once downloaded, you can use it for unlimited time because there is no expiry date attached to it. With this free-to-use version you can enjoy complete features of a Point of Sale (POS) system, which include: product search by barcode scanning, hold/fetch bill, multiple payment method (cash/ credit card), bill printing, item-wise or overall discount, refund payment, exchange goods, end of day sale and much more.

Point of Sale System dubai
Inventory Management System dubai

Inventory Management System

Our Inventory management system called IMPRO, is a fully functional and easy-to-use software for retail industry. IMPRO is a complete suite which includes functionalities of Point of Sale (POS) and inventory management systems. It also has the ability to share information among POS terminals and remote branches of your business. IMPRO is developed according to the current trends in the retail business. Its interface is easy to understand and use. In comparison to contemporary inventory management systems IMPRO is straight forward and performs tasks quicker than other POS systems. To perform faster many unnecessary steps have been eliminated which are mandatory in contemporary POS systems.

Email Marketing Software

With our email marketing software, Pigeon Mail Sender (PMS), you can create and send unlimited emails to unlimited recipients. PMS is widely used by email-marketers for sending emails (such as newsletters) to a large group of recipients. It allows users to spread news about their products or services to a large audience in a short period of time. It is a professional, high-performance, mass email software for email marketing campaigns.


ESG Invoice and Quote

ESG- Invoice & Quote is an online system for creating estimates, invoices, quotations and receipts. Without any special software or hardware users can easily use this system on any internet browser, may it be Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera.

Unlimited number of users can access this system with their user name and password form anywhere in the world. It runs on Windows Azure platform which is a cloud-based solution with highly efficient scalability features. Users can access it via a desktop computer, a laptop or even via mobile devices (e.g., iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry) on the go.

Users can add multiple billers, customers, products and services. Then within seconds can generate estimates, invoices, quotations and receipts in MS Word, MS Excel and PDF formats. Users can also directly print or send these via email to the customers. Invoices can also be scheduled to be emailed automatically on the given dates or intervals.

Full or partial payments can be managed for each customer and pending amounts are managed efficiently.

Extensive number of reports are available which include: Statement of Invoices, total sales, monthly sales, sales by customers, total tax, product sales, products by customer, biller sales, biller sales by customer, debtors by amount, debtors by aging period, total owed per customer and also total by aging periods.

Available in more than 40 languages including Arabic, ESG- Invoice and Quote is a perfect solution for small to medium size business.


Custom Software Development

We provide tailor made software solutions. Whatever industry you come from if you need to develop an automatic system or process for your own use or for your organizations, you can always contact us for consultation, development and implementation. Our custom software development services can help you:

  1. Streamline your internal processes
  2. Personalize business strategy
  3. Automate manual tasks
  4. Integrate new systems with existing ones


We also work as a software outsourcing company with an experienced and qualified team of specialists and offer wide range of advanced solutions in offshore software development services.

Our team always aims to add values by implementing the best high quality solutions which are adapted to your needs. We offer cost effective software outsourcing services, that allow you to concentrate on your core business processes and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Benefits of IT Outsourcing with Us:

  1. We have rich experience in software development
  2. Development teams can be modified and resized according to your requirements
  3. Stay informed each step of the way through an effective communication model for each stage of your project
  4. We steer the project through each stage of the software development lifecycle: including analysis, designing and testing which reduces significantly the time and costs of development.
  5. Our solutions will help you increase your ROI

Order Your Project with Confidence – We are on oDesk and Elance

Everyone says that they are perfect and your project will be in safe hands, but we can guarantee you peace of mind via our existence on oDesk and Elance .

What is oDesk?

oDesk is a freelancing portal where a number of freelancers are available to work. These freelancers are experts in various fields like programming, designing and so on. When you hire a freelancer for a project via oDesk you’ll get access to several tools like work diary to track progress and the level of effort developers have made along with many other features such as secure payment methods like escrow. To learn more about oDesk, please visit their website .

What is Work Diary?

Work Diary is an oDesk tool which allows you to track a freelancer’s work. It captures a screenshot at specified time intervals, counts number of mouse clicks and key strokes, so that you can see how your project is moving forward. To learn more, please visit oDesk .

What is Elance?

Elance is a similar service to oDesk but comes with a different toolset for you to manage your projects. To learn more about Elance, please visit their website .

What is Escrow?

Escrow is a payment method which secures a buyer and seller from fraud and helps in conflict resolutions. You can read about escrow here .


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