A Definitive Guide to Citation Management 2020

A Definitive Guide to Citation Management 2020

One of the fundamentals of online entrepreneurs is drawing in potential traffic by improving website SEOs. This requires creating a boost in their website’s visibility. “Citation” of a business is one decisive way to achieve those online users diverting towards your thing. In fact,if you are a local internet marketing agency or a business owner, it is important to learn the ropes when it comes to citation management. 

You must have often come across the term local citations. These are important and refer to local business’s NAPs (Name, business addresses, and phone numbers). Generating and listing correct citations provides customers with the information they need to visit your business online. Traditionally, such citations were stored in hard form in business directories, but are now available on local business sites, websites that can be best utilized by internet marketing agencies for directing online traffic flow. 

What Makes Citation Management so Important? 

Google that sets the benchmark, and constantly provides new and efficient trends for online users’ convenience, such as making local search more precise, search voice, etc, suggests that keeping up with the trend drives in online traffic, which we have witnessed. No Doubt! These trends result in a positive effect on your website’s ranking in search engines. 

The more your site appears on searches, the greater will be your visibility that will drive in excessive traffic flow. According to the latest research, 64% of the potential consumer traffic rely on citations of businesses available on Google My Business, a popular business citation site (Brightlocal). 


Generally, citations for businesses suffer from discrepancies across the big panorama of Google networks. Discrepancies in citations have the potential to negatively affect a business’s SEOs, especially if you are an internet marketing agency, and may experience a breach in sound traffic generation. However, there are ways to counter such difficulties through proper citation management. Some basic steps to ensure consistency in citations for your business are listed below. 

  • Ensure the accuracy of your business citation on Google’s business listings
  • Ensure that your NAP citation meets consistency requirements on other websites.
  • Try to locate if there are duplicate citation listings for your business or inconsistent NAP data on the web. 
  • Make and format your citation in a way that makes it easier for the customer to access business. 
  • Enhance business visibility for your customers through establishing portals for FAQs and engaging content.  

On the other hand, if resolving citation discrepancies prove too burdensome to you, there is always citation management software that can easily clean up citation breaches. Remember that incorrect citation can lead to massive communication breaches. 

Popular Citation Management Systems

In a poll on popular citation management tools conducted by E2M, a number of citation software came to surface for having procured sound user credibility. According to the poll,  Moz Local and Bright Local are two of the most popular management tools used by 43% and 23% of the local businesses and marketing agencies respectively. Other popular citation management software in 2020 includes Whitespark, PacesScout, G2 Crowd, Synup, NAP Hunter! And Yext. Each management software comes with its own potential package for improved SEO, however, some basic tasks, such as, crawling websites for possible listings, comparing rankings, removing duplicate listings, and locating NAP discrepancies are performed by all. 

Proper management of business and website citations is key to expanding your customer base. Citations improve your business’s SEO and help to list it higher in the rankings. On the other hand, negligence of citation discrepancies can severely affect the growth of your business both online and on-site. Luckily, citation management is no longer difficult and can be effectively furnished with numerous management tools, now available.


What is the easiest way to create a business citation?

Creating a business citation means listing yourself on online business directories. To achieve this, it’s important to first conduct research into Google citation sites. Use platforms specified by a related industry and expand your network through citation management tools. Guest posting on blogs and affiliating with government websites will also generate the citation sources needed for your business.

What is business citation?

Business citations make key bits of information about your business, such as the name, address, and contact number, free to the public. These citations are then listed on citation sites or Google Business Listings and can help generate greater traffic for your business as well as add an aspect of credibility to your business.

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