Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Auto-Scale Cloud Hosting

Multi-Service / Multi-Server Cloud Architecture Setup

Depending on client’s requirement we suggest Amazon Web Services Cloud solution or Microsoft Azure Solution. There is no one-price-set for all solutions in cloud hosting. It depends on various aspects of the website/portal/online-system which is going to be hosted in cloud environment. Sometimes the cloud solution costs only like a basic shared hosting and on other times it costs higher. So it all depends on the servers setup and what we want to achieve from this implementation.

Free consultation

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us we offer the free consultation for whatever your requirement is. 052-8876081

What is included in Cloud hosting:
Item Description
Server Multiple Cloud Server Options
Space Different Choices for Storage GB
Email Addresses Unlimited
Email Forwarders Unlimited
cPanel/Plesk Yes
Memory 4 GB
vCPUs 2
Support 1 Year Technical Support
Package Price Completely depends on the requirements. We charge minimum AED 1,275 or 10% of the solution cost (Whatever is the higher) for cloud setup and support for 1 year.

Common Hosting Environments

Shared Hosting

Good for low traffic website.

Managed Hosting

Good for high traffic website.

VPS Hosting

Personal & more secure.

Email Hosting

Your official email address.

Cloud Hosting

Huge traffic – high-end.

Auto-scale Cloud

Intelligent implementation .

Multi-Server Cloud

Hybrid cloud implementation.

On Demand

Event-based hosting.

Compute Services

Backend processing only.

SMTP Relays

Email marketing.

Special Purpose

Customised needs.

Other Hosting

Reseller options.