Don’t Care About Link Juice Because Google Doesn’t Care Either

The term “Link Juice” was very popular in the SEO world. This refers to the value or equity passed from one page or site to another. Because of that, we have seen many SEO’s keeps hustling for backlinks which sometimes conflicts with google E-A-T Rating (We will discuss E-A-T in another blog). So Google regularly updates it’s search algorithms to provide the best possible results to search users, Which Makes the only thing constant in SEO is change.  

Let’s come back to the “Link Juice”. A few days back a User Asked a question in twitter from google’s webmaster head John Muller about passing link juice to his website, The question was. 

Here is what john Muller Replied

The answer was very satisfying for us. Being the best SEO company in Dubai “Emirates Software group FZ LLC” has always focused on providing best, moderate services according to google’s quality rater guidelines

So next time when you are going to give your website, Mobile app, SEO, or Digital Marketing project to any firm in UAE keep in mind that it should work well for your users.

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