Estimated Cost of App Development in Dubai

Estimated Cost of App Development in Dubai

Due to the increasing popularity of Smartphones 3.5 Billion Global users businesses and many other mediums have turned towards app development to have a better and effective customer outreach. Not only this trend has brought about a revolution in the field of E-commerce, but entertainment, education, and even banking have also been significantly altered. All brought to the palm of a hand in the form of a cleverly written code. But how much does it actually cost to have that code written or in other words, how much does it cost to have an app developed? If you are looking for a mobile app development company in Dubai and wondering how much would it cost? You have come to the right place. But first, let’s have a look at the significance of mobile applications.

Importance of a Mobile App:

In today’s world, the driving force behind the success of every endeavor, especially a business is technology. With Smartphones being ever so present everywhere; they have become a very powerful tool for business to extend their outreach to new potential consumers. Developing a Mobile-app is one of those ways by which a business can obtain loyal customers and collect better metrics to make changes to their methodologies, improving their business efficiency.

But App development isn’t exclusive for the cause of business; there are a number of reasons for which a mobile app can be developed. To name a few:

  • For gaming (downloadable or playable online).
  • For entertainment (online streaming of media content).
  • For academic purposes.
  • Social-media based apps.
  • For dedicated portals (organizational or institutional portals).
  • For public service (by Governments or other service providers).

Cost of App Development:

Now for the main question, how much does it cost for a mobile app to be developed? The answer is ‘it depends’. Speaking specifically for the mobile app developers in Dubai, the cost for the app needs to be first calculated rather than estimated depending upon the choice of platform. Google dominates the market with 900 million users, followed by Apple 600 million, then windows with 12 million users. Judge the idea you have in your mind on the following parameters. Not only will it make the whole concept in your head clearer but also help in ‘estimating’ the cost for your mobile app.

  • Never use the free online cost estimators; they will only give you incorrect figures. Their primary objective is marketing (or plain entertainment if you ask me).
  • What is the nature of your mobile app? Is it ‘Basic Native’ or ‘Complex’? Supported on multiple devices and platforms.
  • How much functionality do you wish to include in your app?
  • What will be the size of your app?
  • Another deciding factor on the cost is how much time will it take for the app to be developed?
  • Do you wish to integrate third-party APIs with your app?
  • Which development platform do you prefer and how much secure do you wish for your app to be?

Some other factors that can influence the development and hosting cost of your app are :

  • Developer license (experienced and certified professionals charge extra).
  • Cost of buying external APIs.
  • Hosting Charges (applicable if the developer is asked to host the app as well).
  • Data security charges.
  • App maintenance and marketing charges.

The Cost?

Again, the cost may vary depending on the above-defined parameters and expertise of app developers in Dubai. For Android or iOS, a simple informative app can cost between 5000 AED to 8000 AED. A content managed app can cost anywhere from AED 5000 to 12000. An app related to E-commerce can vary between 12000 to 24000 AED. A multi-vendor and corporate level app can cost 12000 AED and onwards. The one time Google Play Store setup fee of $25 is usually not included in the estimated cost and has to be paid separately.The annual iOS store account fee of $100 is not included in the estimated cost and has to be paid separately.

Is a hybrid app more expensive than native app?

They both cost almost the same, but both technologies have their pros and cons.
Example: Hybird app is written once but can work on multiple platforms (iOS, Android, etc.)  Native apps can work on specific platforms for which they are build for e.g. Android apps can work on android only and IOS apps can work on iPhone, Ipad, etc.

How can I get my app developed for cheap?

With Detailed requirements or sample app (and prefer to have a fixed cost) can help developers to make the app faster and the cost will be less.

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