Free SEO Audit and Analysis for Your Website

Free SEO Audit and Analysis for Your Website

Online businesses generally have their hands full with ever-changing SEO configurations. Website statistics need to be regularly audited according to the demands of evolving optimization trends.  Leading entrepreneurial achievers routinely regarded a website’s SEO configuration as a key element in improving online statistics for businesses.

Understanding SEO, its functions, and expectations can enable you to create enormous waves in the competitive world of online marketing. 

Before going into Importance of Website Audit, let’s have a look at important factors that affect your website and it’s ranking

Along with many benefits to getting your website SEO Audited, it is also important to keep yourself updated of the factors that can have an impact on your website ranking. Having knowledge about these factors can help you plan your online presence well and most of all rank on top of search engines.

Factors follow trends, and trends are subjected to change and get updated according to users’ requirements.  Quite recently, research into the growing tool of SEO discussed the important shift in SEO trends from relying on keyword density to users’ intentions. Moreover, Google’s latest May update has had a great impact on website traffic and happened to be a real eye-opener to the ranking experts. 

Let’s have a look at this recent evolution in SEO and search engine’s ranking;

Google’s May 2020 Core Update

On May 4th, Google made an important update to its algorithm. Many well-known sites have been impacted by this update. Some for the better, others not so much. 182 sites saw a 10% increase in traffic. That’s good news. On the other hand, extremely popular sites such as Linkedin and Spotify saw their traffic going down. 

Onsite and Offsite Optimizations

Website audits require onsite and off-site optimizations. Simply put, onsite optimizations are done to your site to make it user friendly. Onsite optimization generally involves

  • ensuring your title and description is short and meet Google’s standard length restrictions
  • using alt text images
  • incorporating main and sub-headings
  • updating your website’s content 

Offsite optimizations involve ways you can promote your website without direct advertisement. The way digital marketing agencies do that is by securing external links for your website. There are several methods to increase the chance of securing external links. For example, 

  • Send out a press release to promote updates on your site
  • Create a blog on social media. Tweets from your blogs can help your site gain rankings 
  • Accept guest posts. 

Website Scrutiny

Most SEO auditing agencies are equipped with system crawlers that scale your website for any possible shortcomings and target areas that can be better optimized. The optimization tools will remove all system errors, enhance on-page configurations to counter delayed loading of webpages, and fix the internal and outbound links, thus making your website proportionate with the intents of the user.

Targeting Keyword Density

Google is constantly updating SEO guidelines in order to better understand the needs of the user. In fact, according to some leading SEO strategists, the search engine has already begun prioritizing websites that appear more aligned with the user’s intent than simply containing a great keyword density (Search Engine Journal). For this reason, locating the right keyword density and using it to harness the targeted online traffic has become a game-changer. Digital marketing agencies across the globe constantly strive to keep its customers updated with the strategies pack and consultation on how to use appropriate keyword and allocate its density in line with the current trends.

Securing Backlink for Your Website

Securing backlinks are one of the ways through which online auditing services can help you with the optimization your website needs. Online auditing services secure key information about your website’s link statistics and enable the generation of newer backlinks that can divert more traffic to your website, thus keeping it popular and relevant. Remember, the greater the number of external links to refer clients back to your website, the greater will be its ranking on search engines. This feature audits and analyzes your website’s exposure by comparing the statistics with competing websites. 

Hire External Help

Keeping up with the fluctuating optimization trends can be overwhelming. However, you may feel pleased knowing that it is possible to recruit services from SEO agencies to optimize your website. 

Find Your Way with FREE SEO Auditing Services

There are numerous online agencies, equipped with the tools and features that allow greater optimization for your website and topping up the race, many are offering free auditing services. Generally, a digital marketing agency is equipped with tools that can examine your website and web content for possible rectification, errors that need omission, and optimization towards more efficient performance.

You may rely on these analyzing and auditing tools for a quick and sustainable climb, dominating the search engines.

Here are some of the ways through which an online marketing agency audits and optimizes your website. 

With free SEO audit and analysis services available online, it is now possible to conveniently shift the burden of effective optimization for your own ease. In fact, if you’re already feeling stuck under the rock that is SEO, it is time to get some professionals to involve. Emirates Software Group FZ LLC is now offering free SEO auditing services that will enable you to scale the charts on search engines in no time. Search engine charts are rushed markets and keeping up with the changing SEO algorithms can prove more than a hassle. With the optimization by Emirates Software Group FZ LLC for your website, you can secure yourself a head start without having to worry about the technicalities of securing top rankings amongst the absolute competition.


Is Website Auditing free of cost @Emirates Software Group FZ LLC?

Yes. Emirates Software Group FZ LLC offers free auditing of your website with a detailed checklist containing 10 different points.

What are the services that an SEO service provider must offer?

SEO companies must feature tools that can generate analyses on the website’s search engine listings and a comparative summary of the most popular competing websites. It must enable, for its client, on-page and off-page optimization, backlink reports, and strategic /targeted customization.

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