How Huawei’s App Gallery Has Become a Solid App Publishing Platform

Why you must publish your Current app on Huawei’s App Gallery

Huawei, a Chinese multinational technology company, makes some of the most widely used phones around the world with dazzling cameras, and innovative hardware. However, since the 2019 US government’s ban on the tech company, Huawei has been prevented from using Google services, such as their app store and operating system. Since that time, Huawei has been on a mission to end its dependency on the tech giant Google by working on its operating system Harmony and Huawei’s App Gallery. 

That said, the Chinese company had a journey trying the world to take their new app store seriously. Today, they have been able to plug the gaps significantly. Whether it’s the “Here WeGo” the navigation app giving tough competition to Google Maps or the App Gallery itself with increasing app options for the users, Huawei is getting over the hit it got from the initial ban. 

The official app distribution platform of Huawei, App Gallery is providing a brand-new alternative for its users. The third-largest app store in the world is now available in more than 170 countries or regions with monthly active users of around 400 million, offering most of the mainstream apps globally.

What is in store for developers?

Huawei App Gallery developers have a lot to look forward to. However, you have to consider that the App Gallery is standing on the shoulders of Android, it is fair to think that not many developers would want to maintain two different versions of their Android apps. But the familiar SDK environment will surely make the transition to App Gallery very smooth. 

On the other side, putting things mildly, publishing your app on App Gallery will only open up a new and growing user base. It is important to consider that unlike Google’s Play Store, Huawei’s App Gallery makes your app available in China. If your strategy is to conquer new markets, increase your app’s reach, and the product isn’t heavily set on Google Play Developer API, managing your app on both Android and Huawei app stores might be a more financially sound plan.

If you are a gaming entrepreneur App Gallery might even become your primary choice as Huawei has partnered with Unity. The collaboration involves supporting the App Gallery plug-in across the Unity Develop Partner Programme Platform. It also means that building a version of your game for the App Gallery will now require minimum resources.

Another reason that can be presented as an argument for App Gallery is that the tech company offers developers complete onboarding and professional technical support, which includes free access to Huawei’s automated test lab as well as a performance optimization tool.

The App Gallery also highly values safety, as it offers a developer identity verification mechanism as well as the four-layered detection system, which makes all apps safe to download and use.

What is in store for users?

Even though the platform is reaching a relatively small audience in comparison to its competitors, its user base is set to be increasing over the years. However, the platform is starting to distinguish itself by continually focusing on the user experience.

This involves ongoing attention to content curation and removal of low-quality products while ensuring more relevant search results for the users. App Gallery also has the feature to localize the search results to show adjusted options based on the preference of the user in a particular region.

Besides, App Gallery is designed to be a kid and family-friendly platform, offering a secure environment backed by features like parental control and a strict audit process.

HongMeng app development strategy

The rise of Huawei’s App Gallery has given entrepreneurs and business owners an opportunity to reconsider their strategy and choice of app publishing platform. For some of you, iOS and/ or Android might not be the only beneficial platform. Now is the time for companies and tech entrepreneurs who are planning to build their mobile applications to consider the benefits and opportunities of investing in HongMeng app development for their idea.

From the tight security with a developer identity verification system, a four-layered detection mechanism, promotional support from Huawei including online and social media campaigns, to the potential to reach a new user base, App Gallery sure presents a promising business venture. It means you must reconsider factors like the cost of app development, the user interface that speaks to the right audience, and the correct application publishing platform for your project.

However, many throughout the technology community were wondering what will the tension between the US and the Chinese tech industry result in. That said, App Gallery seems to become strong as a link between the Eastern and Western markets. But the question is how prepared the business and the digital world is to capitalize on the early-bird benefits of this relatively new and promising app store.

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