How to Rank Better on Google 2020 Tips

How To Rank Better On Google 2020 Tips

Fighting for your spot on Google’s result page can easily leave you stunned. And while there might be tons of advice available for improving your website’s SEO but there is no proof that they all work except some that are acknowledged by Google, We have sorted out which ones are credible and will work for you. 

Following are the major Do’s and Don’ts to make yourself stand out on Google from the rest of the competition in 2020. 

5 Valuable Tips to Harness Your SEO Skills 

The smoothest way to harnessing global rankings is through mastering the hyper-evolving tool of SEO. However, SEO guidelines are constantly shifting and when marketing your websites, keen awareness of these can be the surest path to success. 

Research shows that for any search input, websites ranking at the top of the results page drive in most of the first clicks from entire online traffic, with 67% percent of these clicks diverting to the top five listings on the search page. 

The following are five valuable tips to help you strengthen the SEO optimization for your website. 

  1. Enable Quick Loading for Your Web Pages 

The longer your website pages take to load, the more awkward it will prove for your online visitors. Moreover, according to backlinko, a statistics website, the loading speed directly corresponds to where Google places you on the search result. Webpages that take relatively longer to load will stain the possibility of landing your website on the first page of Google search results. 

Best Practices to Improve Page Speed:

  • Compress
  • Minify HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Leverage from cache

As Google acknowledges that page speed is an essential factor that can play a vital role in giving a tough race to your competitors online, the emphasis remains focused on reviewing the pace of your site every now and then. 

  1. Improve Content Quality 

In order to improve traffic inflow, your content must remain relevant, reliable, and trendy. According to databank, three-fourth of all SEO experts believe that content is the key factor in establishing rankings. 

Content Is King

  • Keyword relevancy
  • Title Tags
  • Internal Linking

Website content ought to provide visitors with reasons to keep wanting to come back. The surest way to achieve this is by updating your content and generating content that may increase your visitors’ dwell time. Value-added content and readability is the key. 

Moreover, according to backlinko, the longer the content, the better the ranking. 

  1. Make Use of Pictorial Information 

We live in a visual world, where visual information is as vibrant as textual information. A blend of these will serve to improve online traffic for your website. However, image optimization is key here. Optimize your website images in a way that they may not have adverse effects on the loading speed of your website pages. 

Best Practices for Pictorial Optimization

  • Adding Alt Text
  • Image captioning
  • Proper File Formatting

  1. Make your Website Mobile-Friendly

Google endorses that the mobile-friendliness of a website makes it easier for the search engine algorithms to index properties accurately exact to the page, despite the need to signal the presence of corresponding mobile/desktop pages. 

We are going through the mobile-first indexing era, where your existence in SERP totally depends upon your mobile website. 

Ensure that you follow Google’s guidelines and your content creations is identical over desktop and mobile. 

Whenever you can make it easier for a search engine to improve its results, do it!

  1. Increase Credibility through External Links 
What is E-A-T? And Why Do You Need It? - SEO Inc. Blog

The availability of external or outbound links permeates your website with just the kind of credibility that can increase your visitors’ dwell time. 

Best Practices for Linking Strategy

  • Periodic Link Audit
  • Valuable content
  • Link to reputable sources

The above practices enhance website reliability and keep the traffic engaged between a network of portals, of which your own website becomes an integral part. Including above practices in your search engine ranking game will diversify visitor base. 

The DOs to achieve search engine ranking excellence might seem a little technical, but truth be told – the combination and the right mix of these strategies will definitely rank you up amongst your competition. 

Sound incorporation of these tips will definitely generate more leads than is otherwise possible for your website, provided, these are the signals to get beeter ranking.

Today, with the ever increased pace of online users and businesses finding it important to go online, it’s only wise to plan and strategize your search engine ranking game inline with the above key factors. Emirates Software Group FZ LLC has top SEO Experts who work with multiple projects and clients with the aim is to provide the desired results and gain positive feedback on the websites and help you out in devising an awesome, cost-effective and go-to plan to be on TOP. Not just that We are now helping business to transform digitally with free Audit for your website including 1o different points.

Follow this doable guide, comprising of five implementable SEO techniques, to optimize your website’s visibility and boost rankings.


What is the quickest way to improve rankings on Google?

Google uses different factors when it comes to crawling, indexing and ranking Try to provide a unique and wonderfull experience to users to get better ranking.

Do websites pay Google to improve their organic rankings?

Rankings are based on factors that are assessed by a computer-based search algorithm. You cannot pay Google to alter your website’s organic rankings.

Is there a way to climb on Google rankings faster?

Keep it simple for users to understand. The optimized site, Quality Content, featured snippet, Mobile-friendly site and Authoritative links can help you to be in the competition 

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