What Is The Cost To Maintain And Operate An App?

What is the cost to maintain and operate an app

Once you get through all the hard work that goes into building your mobile app, from effectively collaborating with your mobile app development agency to create an engaging user interface to get the app published successfully in the App Store, Google Play, or App Gallery. Besides, after exceptionally marketing your app to attract clients or users, most entrepreneurs and business owners are desperately waiting to be done with working on the app. It means you are not alone if you have had the same chain of thoughts. 

At this point, you are only done with a particular part of the mobile app development. This brings us to what comes next. Once you have successfully developed your mobile app and marketed it to the right user base, it is highly significant that you effectively maintain the app. 

Mobile app maintenance cost 

Publishing the app on the App Store, Google Play, or App Gallery is not the end of the story for you and your big app project. Lack of mobile app maintenance and support can become the reason for app failure in the long-run. 

Your mobile application is competing with thousands of other apps with similar features and functions. This is why it is extremely important to keep up with how your users are engaging with the app. This will create the need to make improvements in the user interface or features that help increase daily active users, who are your regular users.

It means even if your app is live and running, you still have to invest in creating new content, fix bugs, and track the app performance. Besides, if the core function of your app is based on storing information on a server like a user profile or payment record, you will have to pay for the management of this data as well. That said, all mobile applications require a certain level of maintenance and support and content updates to keep your users engaged and happy. Hence, the cost of your mobile app maintenance services highly depends on the complexity of your app.

How much app maintenance costs also vary with how you build your app. For example, if you saved some upfront development cost by going with a cheaper developer, chances are you will have to spend more on maintenance and support as your app scales. 

However, a good rule of thumb is to set your app maintenance and support the budget as 15-20% of the initial development cost. If it costs AED 24,000 to build your app, it is reasonable to expect to spend between AED 3600 and AED 4800 per year to maintain the app with an extra USD 100 iOS store account fee paid annually if your app is published on App Store.

That said, as an entrepreneur and business owner with limited tech experience, it is always recommended to collaborate with your development agency for maintenance and support services as well. This team-best understands the technicalities of your project and they can provide better support for the future as well. Many mobile app maintenance and support agencies in the UAE and around the world offer complete mobile development and post-development services.

To help you better understand what goes into maintaining a successful mobile app, here are a few aspects of managing a mobile app after development.

Publish new app features

The detailed insights you get from your app maintenance and support team enable your development team to come up with the best feature updates for your app. With the increasing competition, mobile app owners need to continuously provide new and existing features to live up to users’ expectations. Your support team often provides you with ideas for the best feature updates based on user suggestions, latest industry trends, and mobile app user behavior received through analytics. The detailed insights and mobile app owner’s vision for the app’s future need to go hand-in-hand to constantly engage the users and keep them coming back for more.

A great example of how important new feature updates can be is to watch how most of the popularly used social media platforms introduced the story feature. Following the phenomenal success of Snapchat stories, social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn joined the trend by introducing their stories feature update. This feature update particularly shows how users’ engage with your app, their expectations, and industry trends can guide you to improve your app experience. Here are a few ways to come up with more successful feature updates for your mobile app: Monitor your user reviews, feedback, and comments, that’s how you can find your users’ suggestions on how to improve the app experience. The mobile app owner’s vision and expansion plan for the future can guide the app development and support team on which direction to take. Your app analytics tell you everything you want to know about how your users are engaging with the app. The insights on your users’ behavior can be very helpful in coming up with feature updates that add to the users’ experience and increase your app value.

Push notification feature 

Now that users have several alternatives for almost every app, it has become even more important to constantly engage your users. Sending them messages is one of the simpler and effective ways to ensure your users are connected with the app. Push notification features give you a lot of flexibility in how you want to engage with your audience.

You can initiate location or specific activity-based push notifications, send reminders, or inform about any updates. You can even send the users to any specific screen on your app when they receive the notification. From the messaging to other features you can offer a personalized experience for your users through push notifications to build a stronger connection with your user base.

Track detailed analytics of your app 

A big aspect of mobile app maintenance and support services is tracking your app’s performance with detailed analytics. Your app support team stays updated with how specific app features are performing, how your users are engaging with the app, and if there are any bugs or glitches that need fixing.

Your mobile app support team will provide your regular important statistics that give your insight into how your app is performing overall. This can be very helpful in figuring out what updates and changes are required to improve the user experience. Whether it’s through a regular weekly or monthly email or with access to the agency’s online dashboard, it gets really easy to track important metrics.

Regular updates to maintain your app

The best way to understand the significance of mobile app maintenance and support services is to remember that building and running a successful mobile app is an on-going process. We often see most of the apps we use coming up with new versions, content, and promotions, and sending notifications to provide us a more personalized experience. Running a successful app with regular engagement from users requires a lot of work and a team that’s actively working on app maintenance to ensure users continue to have a smooth experience.

At times due to technical issues, outdated functions, and incorporation of more advanced features keeping your app updated in every way possible, highly increases your chances to be relevant in this highly competitive digital world.

Hence, as an entrepreneur or business owner make sure you consider the needs of your app project post the production phase. There is a lot that goes into running a successful application venture but the investment is worth it. Make sure you consult your app development agency about their maintenance and support services to better understand how your specific app and business venture can benefit from it.

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