Why You Don’t Need Mobile App Even In 2021

Why You Don't Need Mobile App, Even In 2021

The mobile app development industry has grown exponentially in the last decade or so, majorly driven by the rising smartphone penetration and increasingly easier access to the faster internet network. 

The convenience and user-friendly aspects of applications have even led to more businesses and entrepreneurs investing in web-based mobile apps. 

From corporate apps that help organizations manage, organize, and run diverse departments and functions of their companies to personal user-centric apps like Uber, food apps, e-commerce apps, mobile phones have truly revolutionized how people live their lives, do business, and make money.

Even though mobile apps have taken literally every industry and market around the world by storm, there are still some business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs who thinks that they don’t need mobile apps even in 2021.  

If you don’t want to keep up with new and advanced technology and grow your business

More often than not, creating a mobile app falls under the growth plans, and strategy to expand to new markets and increase the customer base for companies. For example, many restaurants and supermarket owners are creating apps to facilitate users who want to order food online make reservations, or order groceries online. 

Besides, today entrepreneurs are increasingly focusing on app-based business or product ideas. A great example of this would be Airbnb, an app that connects people who are looking for lodging anywhere in the world to those who want to rent their homes. Currently, Airbnb has over 150 million users.

That said, as a business owner or an entrepreneur, you don’t have to build a mobile app even in this time and age. Given that your business doesn’t need to increase efficiency driven by advanced technology, expand the size of the operations and improve productivity, create a stronger brand, and stay competitive in the market that’s actively moving to digital.

If you don’t want to reach a bigger customer base

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Other than requiring relatively lower investment, one of the biggest advantages of creating a mobile app is the potential and opportunity to reach a far wider and diverse audience than a brick and mortar store can ever allow. 

Most business owners and entrepreneurs are looking for ways to increase their customer base and tap into more customer segments and markets. Whether its organizational work and collaboration, everyday chores, or leisure and entertainment people are turning to mobile apps for answers. And if you want to reach these growing markets then you need to empower your business and idea with a mobile app.

However, you still don’t need to build a mobile app if you don’t intend to expand your customer base and reach out to a diverse audience.

If you don’t want to simplify the way your existing system works

Did you know that around 60% of employees use apps for work-related activities? 

Enterprise mobile apps are known to improve communication among the employees, increase productivity and efficiency, and provide higher convenience to employees who may be working remotely. This is why many large corporation investments in enterprise app development for operations as well as employee management. Having access to the company database on a portable screen significantly helps in simplifying your existing system. 

This has also presented as a fantastic space for entrepreneurs to come up with smart app ideas. Some great examples of mobile apps that you see many around the use include Workflow, Zoom, Slack, Trello, Timely, and Toggl. That said, the importance of having a functional online network and system proved itself at the start of 2020 when many companies were struggling to shift their operations to work from home mode. 

However, you don’t need to invest in your mobile app if you don’t want to increase the productivity and efficiency of your organization and motivate your employees to work at their best and convenience.

If you are not sure how specific functions of a mobile app can support your system

over the years the mobile app development industry has only gotten more sophisticated and advanced. This has enabled businesses and entrepreneurs to be more creative and use dynamic technologies and approaches that drive growth according to their goals and strategy. 

Here are a few mobile app development technologies that can empower your app idea to not only be functional and useful but also stand out in the market: ∙        

AI – Companies around the world are using artificial intelligence to deliver more personalized and high-end mobile experience. AI allows you to analyze user behavior and provide insights enabling you to provide more customer app interfaces for every user. 

VR/AR – Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are gaining lots of attraction in the mobile app development industry, particularly in the gaming and social media space. 

On-demand apps – These types of apps connect users to different services such as booking a ride on Uber. On-demand apps are widely popular with increasing user base, especially post the pandemic when most people realized the importance of such apps.

Others – There are several other technologies like IoT, mobile commerce, chatbots, and functions that you can introduce in your mobile app to increase its value and usability.

That said, there are business owners, companies, and aspiring entrepreneurs who don’t need to invest in their mobile app if they don’t know what specific functions of the app will attract their customer base.

Do you still don’t need a mobile app?

The year 2020 has been an eye-opener for many business owners and companies around the world. Regardless of your industry and market, the absolute need for a digital outlet preferably a mobile app has never seemed more necessary than now. Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, your operations, employees, and customers can benefit from a mobile app in more ways than you might be able to imagine right now. The world has moved to mobile and digital space, how do you think a mobile app can change your business dynamics?

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